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 Chelation Therapy -Side Effects

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PostSubject: Chelation Therapy -Side Effects   Chelation Therapy -Side Effects Icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 6:50 am

NEOMED Hospital is an innovative and integrated medical center run by highly qualified
doctors offering unique and special treatment methods, for Cardiovascular diseases and many other
chronic diseases.The treatments involved are safe, effective, non-invasive and an affordable way to
improve coronary circulation and myocardial perfusion(blood flow to heart) in a non-surgical
approach.Chelation is one of the safest medical procedure involving the intravenous in fusion of a
medicine called EDTA (Ethyl Di-amino Tetra Acetic Acid).Ozone is a natural element in the
atmosphere. Chemically it contains three atoms of oxygen and its formula is O3. Medical ozone is
produced by energization of oxygen.This is a new technique for the early detection of Coronary
Artery Disease (CAD) .It Indicates Myocardial (Heart Muscle) blood flow and oxygen demand and
supply for every beat of your heart

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Chelation Therapy -Side Effects
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