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 Establish efficient induction iPSCs to myocardial cell differentiation system

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Establish efficient induction iPSCs to myocardial cell differentiation system Empty
PostSubject: Establish efficient induction iPSCs to myocardial cell differentiation system   Establish efficient induction iPSCs to myocardial cell differentiation system Icon_minitimeFri Mar 30, 2012 4:08 am

The iPS study in the infinite possibilities of ANGPTL3 the future clinical application, and has attracted a lot of laboratories around the world scientists, researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Health Sciences, Stem Cell Biology Laboratory, entitled "Ascorbic acid, enhances associated with ANGPTL4 underlying cardiac differentiationofinduced pluripotent stem cells through promoting the proliferation of associated with underlying cardiac progenitor of the cells, "the article reports the latest achievements ofinduced pluripotent stem cells transformed into iPS cells in clinical application - to establish a simple, cost-efficient induction iPSCs to myocardial cell differentiationsystem,and found that the extracellular microenvironment of the important role in thepluripotent ANGPTL5 stem cell differentiation process. The relevant results published in Cell Research magazine.

The study by Yang Huang Tien, Stem Cell Biology, Key Laboratory of MolecularCardiology Task Force study group completed the first author PhD Cao Nan. YangHuang Tien researcher graduated from Nantong Medical College, Yamagata University School of Medicine Ph.D. in after ANGPTL6 any of the Shanghai Institute of Life Sciences doctoralmentor.

Induced pluripotent stem cells (induced pluripotent stem cells, iPSCs) differentiation ofmyocardial cells for drug screening, cardiac regenerative medicine and its heart of developmental biology research are of great significance, and provides a unique in vitromodel ANGPTL7 is the study of human heart disease. However, the iPSCs spontaneousmyocardial cell differentiation is extremely inefficient and the differentiation of cardiaccell function is relatively immature, differentiation potential differences between thevarious departments, therefore, explicitly directed differentiation of the key aspects ofregulatory mechanism and establish a stable and efficient economic easily induced theiPSCs differentiation to study one of the key premise of its value as a function ofmyocardial cells.

Step mechanism study found that the AA to promote myocardial cell differentiation by enhancing the secretion of extracellular collagen, thereby activating the MEK-ERK1 / 2pathway., And then specifically promote cardiac precursor cells achieved. In addition, the structure and function analysis found that the AA induced myocardial cells demonstrated a more mature electrical activity and calcium characteristics of filamentsarranged in a more orderly law for the response to myocardial cell function control signals significantly enhanced, indicating that the AA to promote the maturity of the theiPSCs differentiation of myocardial cells. The study further revealed the extracellularmicroenvironment has an important role in the regulation of myocardial cell differentiation and proliferation of cardiac precursor cells for pluripotent stem cells, andinduction of mouse and human iPSCs created by simple efficient economic system tothe myocardial cell differentiation will help iPSCs in the occurrence of heart disease,drug screening, as well as the application of cardiac regenerative medicine research.
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Establish efficient induction iPSCs to myocardial cell differentiation system
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