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 Elderly population can not benefit more from the varicella zoster virus in the secondaryimmune

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PostSubject: Elderly population can not benefit more from the varicella zoster virus in the secondaryimmune   Tue Apr 03, 2012 5:32 am

February 26, 2012 is being held in San Diego, California, USA, the seventieth American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) annual meeting, a report pointed out that BIRC7 healthy people over the age of 60 to 60 years old again inoculated with varicella zoster virus (VZV) vaccine does not enhance the immune effect, this also means that individuals suffering from herpes zoster immunization of little significance. However, the clinical research center in Texas, Webster, MD, Rana, the Mays said that re-immunization of VZV - vaccine may be beneficial for immunocompromised people ", and soon she added that BLK the above statement has not yet been confirmed.

Dr. Mays and her colleagues conducted a double-blind clinical trial of more than one Centre located to the placebo group: 209 Age chickenpox episode of adults aged 60 or over 60 years old were randomly divided into two groups, respectively, the VZV vaccinegroup (104 people) and the placebo group (105 people), the two groups are BLMH quarantined for 42 days. Assessment of the immune effects of: VZV - gamma-interferon enzyme-linked immunospot test (gamma-IFN by ELISPOT) and VZV - sugar enzyme - linked immunosorbent assay (gpELISA). The researchers found that after the first vaccination, the immune effect of a significant increase, but again after inoculation, the immune effect was no statistically significant difference. VZV - of γ-interferon ELISPOT results, the data show that 32.8 of BLNK the cells of the geometric mean count value from the base level of 16.9 to two weeks after 49.5 and 6 weeks after the formation of spots per million peripheral blood mononuclear cells. After re-inoculation, the first two weeks, six weeks and six months after the count value is not a significant difference, are 44.3,42.9 and 36.5.

Mays said that the immune-stimulating effect six months after the general decrease. As expected, the immune effects of Blvra the placebo group did not significantly increase. Mays said that the addition to the two cases studied at the injection site discomfort, vomiting and dizziness, drop out, and vaccination group has no other serious side effects. When Mays was asked recently been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the 50-year-old to 59-year-olds (the above-mentioned 60-year-old and people over the age of 60 extension) whether the use of VZV vaccine in the near future may be asked to strengthen immunization, she said this has not yet been determined.

The dermatosis director of the University of California San Diego, Professor Richard L. Gallo, told Medscape Medical News reporter said, "Although the zoster vax (a herpes zoster vaccine) has been widely used, many patients still episodes of zoster after vaccination herpes or was very surprised. the above phenomenon occurs because the vaccine is not 100% effective. In fact, the vaccine VZV - the effect is far less than it expected after vaccination, people still have a 30% probability infected with VZV - "If immunization strategies or methods to increase the effectiveness of the vaccine, then this will be very useful. Unfortunately, the study did not show it. not sure yet again inoculated whether it is necessary However, this research point of view, we really do not see the antibody titers increased significantly. "
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Elderly population can not benefit more from the varicella zoster virus in the secondaryimmune
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