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 Codon contains the protein synthesis rate

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Codon contains the protein synthesis rate Empty
PostSubject: Codon contains the protein synthesis rate   Codon contains the protein synthesis rate Icon_minitimeWed Apr 04, 2012 5:35 am

The University of California researchers found hidden in the BPNT1 genetic code has never been recognized that information.Their findings due to the development of the University of California, called the ribosome mapping ribosome profiling, technology, the technology can be measured gene BRAF activity in living cells - including the speed of the protein encoded by the gene translation.Research papers published online March 28 in Nature.

Were determined by the speed produced by the bacteria opal, the study team found that subtle genetic changes that will bring a strong influence BRCA1, even if does not look how important, is called "phenotype mutation" - that of genein a base replaced without changing the final gene product - the genetic changes as well.Surprisingly, the scientists found that these changes can lead to protein production rate is reduced to the normal speed of tenths or even lower.

Research papers published in Nature, said that this rate of BRSK2 change is caused by the information contained in the composition of the genetic code redundant codon - part of the above DNA-They are considered "redundant" because they had previously been considered the information contained in just a simple repetition, rather than only the structure of.

The new findings challenge that has prevailed for BSG half a century, the basic hypothesis in biology.It may also help accelerate the industrial production of the protein, far-reaching implications for the production of biological drugs for biofuel production as well as for the treatment of many common diseases (from diabetes to cancer).

Genetic code has been perceived surplus phenomenon, but the redundant codon is obviously not exactly the same, "said Jonathan Weissman, Ph.D, University of California, Howard? Hughes Medical Institute.He said: "We know much about the rules."

But now new research shows that natural selection is also redundant codons undergoing genetic speed and genetic significance.

Cite a similar example, a person may choose to send messages to friends with "NP" instead of "No problem".Represent both mean the same thing, but playing the NP was significantly better than playing No problem much faster.

All life on Earth will be the genetic information stored in DNA (some virus genetic information in RNA) and DNA carry information is expressed as proteins, in order to build cellular components, perform the genetic instructions of life.
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Codon contains the protein synthesis rate
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