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 Inhibition of some small RNA will lead to the spread of cancer

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Inhibition of some small RNA will lead to the spread of cancer Empty
PostSubject: Inhibition of some small RNA will lead to the spread of cancer   Inhibition of some small RNA will lead to the spread of cancer Icon_minitimeThu Apr 12, 2012 3:46 am

From Taiwan National Yang Ming University, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, etc. The researchers published BLNK an article entitled "RAC1 the activation mediates Twist1-induced cancer cell, migration", found that one kind of microRNAs: let-7i can activate RCA1 protein, causing cancer cell proliferation, perhaps this discovery can be used for the spread of cancer diagnosis, as well as the new direction of a treatment for cancer. The relevant results published in Nature Cell Biology journal.

Corresponding author of the article, is Yang-Ming University in Blvra Taiwan Institute of Clinical Medicine Associate Professor Yang Muhua, he said that this study not only found a local invasion of head and neck cancer-specific phenomenon, the future can also be detected based on the patient, whether the forecast will happen in head and neck cancer local invasion, and as a reference of the individual treatment plan.
Head and neck tumors, including from BLVRB the eyes, brain, ears, thyroid and esophagus outside and neck tissues or organs, tumors and neck cancer, ENT tumors, as well as oral and maxillofacial tumors should include three parts. Belong to general surgery and neck cancer in the general hospital, the more common thyroid tumors; common ENT tumor larynx, paranasal sinus cancer; oral and maxillofacial tumors for a variety of oral cancer, such as tongue and gums cancer, buccal cancer.

Head and neck tumor as many as the primary site and pathological type, ranking the first of BMF systemic tumor. More than 90% of head and neck cancer squamous cell carcinoma. Global head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (SCCHN), the incidence increased significantly in the last 10 years, especially in women.Head and neck cancer and the cancer is locally aggressive, and most other advanced cancer distant metastasis, head and neck cancer are local invasion based, not only caused by BMP10 swallowing, difficulty speaking, can also cause the appearance of significant changes, resulting in patient physiological and psychological harm.

In this article, the researchers analyzed the clinical features of advanced head and neck cancer cells through 3D space experiments, animal experiments, and head and neck cancer detection, found that when the head and neck cancer organizations Twist1 protein inhibition of small RNA let-7i, it will cause RCA1 protein activation, causing head and neck cancer local gross violations.These results suggest that RAC1 protein activation mediated Twist1 protein induced proliferation of cancer cells, which pointed out a new direction for diagnosis and treatment of related cancer patients.

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Inhibition of some small RNA will lead to the spread of cancer
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