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 Antipsychotics may be Alzheimer's patients with myocardial infarction

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Antipsychotics may be Alzheimer's patients with myocardial infarction Empty
PostSubject: Antipsychotics may be Alzheimer's patients with myocardial infarction   Antipsychotics may be Alzheimer's patients with myocardial infarction Icon_minitimeFri Apr 13, 2012 4:22 am

From Chicago, Illinois, a new study shows that antipsychotic drugs for CASP2 the treatment ofAlzheimer's patients with behavioral symptoms increase in myocardial infarctionincidence, especially in the application of the first month.One retrospective cohort study of 20,000 cases over the age of 64 elderly application ofacetylcholinesterase inhibitor therapy showed that those who start at the same time use of antipsychotic than those who do not use antipsychotics within Casp3 one year have a significantly higher occurrence of heart stems event risk.However, the risk ratio in the first 30 days after starting treatment (relative risk 2.19), thefollow-up evaluation of each point continue to lower.

Despite existing security warning, antipsychotic drugs are still widely prescribed, "theUniversity of CASP4 Montreal, Quebec, Canada the cooperative the researchers YolaMorideDr. said in an interview," With the increasing number of patients with dementia,antipsychotic drug use and increased risk of heart the risk of attack will cause a majorpublic health problem. "The researchers said this is the first time studies have shown that this particular risk in CASP5 the elderly patients will increase. They added that it also stresses the need to strengthenthese risk communication and to closely monitor patients during treatment in the firstweek. " The results showed that 1.3% of the participants began the treatment of CASP6 antipsychoticmyocardial infarction events occurred in 1 year. The risk of myocardial infarction: 30days 2.19,60 days after the start of treatment 1.62,90 days 1.36 and 1 year 1.15.Other antipsychotics led to myocardial infarction are important risk factors: diabetes (p= 0.002), men over 84 years of age (p = 0.006).

The researchers also conducted a self-control series of studies to evaluate only the newusers of antipsychotic patients with myocardial infarction (n = 804) in all nine-year study period (2000-2009, median follow-up time 47 months).The incidence of these patients than for the first 30 days after starting treatment of1.78,31-60 days 1.67,61 90 days 1.37, the remaining exposure time 1.18.Antipsychotic drug use led to an increased risk of myocardial infarction showed amoderate time correlation, "the researchers wrote," look forward to further large samplesurvey to identify high-risk sub-health. "Moride added that the use of antipsychotics to weigh the risks and benefits, should consider these findings. She said, "In addition, the risk is related to time. Therefore, it is important that the previous two months, close follow-up patients."

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Antipsychotics may be Alzheimer's patients with myocardial infarction
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