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 Short-term HIV treatment may be deferred until the start time of the long-term treatment

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PostSubject: Short-term HIV treatment may be deferred until the start time of the long-term treatment   Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:23 am

Recently, published online in PLoS Medicine, a randomized clinical trial results that CASP7 the initial HIV-infected patients given short-term combined antiretroviral therapy (cART) to postpone the long-term cART the start. At present, only when the patient's CD4 cell count below a certain level or the clinical condition in need of CASP8 treatment when given cART.The researchers wrote: "From a clinical point of view, the key question is: without treatment, after primary infection in patients treated longer than the patients according to CD4 cell count and judgment in clinical status after treatment."In order to make this clear, MD from CASP9 New Zealand, Amsterdam University School of Medicine, Academic Medical Center infection and immunization center Marlous L. Grijsen and colleagues analyzed 168 primary HIV infection (PHI) the patient's record, they were randomized clinical trials divided into three groups. Patient recruitment from May 1, 2003, and continued until March 31, 2010. Follow-up study was continued until September 14, 2011.

They randomly assigned patients (mostly men) of PHI does not accept the treatment or 24 weeks or 26 weeks of CASQ2 treatment. Initially, cART, including two drug combinations.The first one is the zidovudine lamivudine, efavirenz, the second lopinavir / ritonavir, indinavir, and pharmaceutical preparations are capsules. If there is resistance or lack of CAT tolerance to the drug can replace drugs. According to the Dutch standard of care, in January 2008 changed the therapy, replace the first combination with tenofovir / emtricitabine, and the second combination to the tablet.The primary endpoint for comparison is the virus set point (levels of virus stability in the blood and the immune system to produce antibodies) and do not need treatment time.Non-treatment group, the researchers measured 36 weeks after its random viral set point; treatment group, the researchers measured the viral set point in the interrupt their treatment after 36 weeks.The researchers found that non-treatment group, the average viral set point was 4.8 log10 copies / mL, 24 weeks of treatment group was 4.0 log10 copies / mL, 60 weeks of treatment group was 4.3 log10 copies / mL (group: P <.001). Therefore, early cART allows virus set point to reduce the 0.5 to 0.8 log10 copies / mL.

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Short-term HIV treatment may be deferred until the start time of the long-term treatment
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