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 Compete with each other to control the virulence of pathogenic bacteria it and intestinal microbial

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PostSubject: Compete with each other to control the virulence of pathogenic bacteria it and intestinal microbial   Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:02 am

To the United States on the outskirts of small villages from the IL11RA developing countries in each of the lethal E. coli will make millions of people sick, and even many children to death. Today, researchers from the University of Michigan Health Center in the victim's body dysentery are rampant body gut, researchers at the same time how to solve this problem. The researchers pointed out that the bacteria will generally survive in our body's digestive tract, and to compete with the Il11ra1 invading bacteria, such as E. coli can help the body against invading bacteria. Of course, the researchers also noted that the intruder can take advantage of specific genes to obtain a temporary upper hand and cause the organism infections and other symptoms, so that the invaders in the body in the breed, and look to the next host. Researchers' findings published in the IL12 internationally renowned journal Science, a recent article, the author gives a number of E. coli to prevent or treat intestinal bleeding and infection by pathogenic E. coli E. coli is usually from non-undercooked beef, unpasteurized milk and raw water, and can cause diarrhea or other illnesses, can make adults sick, so that the death of immunocompromised children.Researcher Gabriel Nunez, pointed out that in our gut, more than 1000 kinds of IL12A bacteria symbiotic microbial community in the form of the article, the authors said that these symbiotic bacteria fight in specific ways and pathogens; However, these pathogens temporary upper hand by a specific gene.

Harmful bacteria in order to continue competition between the survival of specific nutrients and symbiotic IL12B bacteria, the selective removal of nutrients in the treatment because the E. coli-infected patients, the need to use a variety of target antibiotics to conduct joint treatment. The researchers infected mice by bacteria) and Escherichia coli, Citrobacter (rodents toxicity study, study, researchers set up a lack of the normal intestinal flora of mice in control. Article, the researchers open the pathogen's virulence genes so that these bacteria can be adsorbed to the cells of the digestive tract, the adsorption capacity allows the bacteria in the intestinal cell adsorption, consumption of nutrients, and continually reproduces and cause infection, but this state can only maintain a few days, once the body's immune cells found, it will produce inflammation as the body to be a signal of pathogen infection. The researchers found that when the pathogen when to stop the expression of virulence genes, these pathogens will fall from the intestinal wall, enter the symbiotic bacteria and symbiotic bacteria compete for nutritional substances. Once these bacteria to return to competitive status, means that many bacteria will die, and their offspring is difficult to find a host to survive it, therefore, better health status can effectively prevent the infection of pathogenic bacteria, but once the pathogen our bodies to better understand the pathogen body symbiotic bacteria competitive battle will help to better help us. Researchers Nunez, Eric Martens, in collaboration with Dr. screened a variety of sugar added in the diet will effectively undermine the effect of the pathogen, can be a reasonable explanation of why children and frail adults infected given a certain sugars added. The researchers have applied for patent protection, and you want to invent a specific technology to enter the market, the study funded by the National Institutes of Health.
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Compete with each other to control the virulence of pathogenic bacteria it and intestinal microbial
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