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 Lack of sleep colds

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Lack of sleep colds Empty
PostSubject: Lack of sleep colds   Lack of sleep colds Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2012 10:58 pm

According to a new study at Carnegie Mellon University, if you do not sleep for a while, you might catch a IL15RA cold. The study found that the possibility of sleep per night less than seven hours of people cold is nearly three times the average sleep eight hours or eight hours or more people. For those periodic wake or sleep difficulties people, this is more bad news. Those who are not able to sleep only the possibility of lying on the bed time of 8% of subjects suffering from a cold is 5.5 times the subjects of the IL16 night sleep. "Although there is a relationship between sleep and the immune system and sufficient evidence, this is the first time, evidence indicates that even a relatively small sleep disturbance can also affect the body's reaction to the cold virus," the study's first author, Carnegie ? Mellon University Robert E. Doherty Chair, professor of psychology Sheldon Cohen said. "It provides people should adjust their schedule IL17A another reason to get a complete rest at night." In this research within the scientific literature published on January 12, 153 healthy voluntary participants in contact with a cold virus, and then closed in a hotel for five days, during which scientists monitor their symptoms, such as sneezing, nasal congestion and sore throat.

In these subjects, 54 with a cold. In addition, two weeks prior to their participation in the IL17B study, 78 male and 75 female subjects received daily survey on the quality of sleep the day before them. In sleep length, the possibility of people report sleeping less than seven hours of the onset of symptoms was 2.94 times the reporting of sleep per night for eight hours or more people. Sleep efficiency - the percentage of true sleep time between a man lay down to sleep and next morning wake up - less than 92% of people the possibility of the Il17c flu, who scores 98% or more of the people 5.5 times. Interestingly, the "feel the rest of the subjective measure and the ultimate cold symptoms and no correlation. Control other factors that may cause interference to the statistical analysis, such as smoking and stress, while subjects in the research accepted after screening, if they have mental health problems, such as depression, then they were excluded. This is a unique study to test people's health in other areas of daily sleep habits. Experiments to study the relationship between sleep and immune function often involve sleep deprivation or a sleep disorder subjects of these sleep disorders are often derived from other aspects of the health impact of mental illness, "Cohen explained. "The study points out the role of the ordinary healthy people, the real-life sleep habits."
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Lack of sleep colds
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