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 Adipocyte-specific adhesion molecule and cardiopulmonary bypass lung injury

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Adipocyte-specific adhesion molecule and cardiopulmonary bypass lung injury Empty
PostSubject: Adipocyte-specific adhesion molecule and cardiopulmonary bypass lung injury   Adipocyte-specific adhesion molecule and cardiopulmonary bypass lung injury Icon_minitimeSun Jun 24, 2012 11:12 pm

Acute lung injury is the most common complication after cardiopulmonary bypass (cardiopuhnonary bypass, CPB), which played a major role since the cells in the lungs "detained", and cell adipocyte-specific adhesion molecule are involved in all aspects of leukocyte exudation and activation . Respect the study of ACAM and CPB lung injury following review, and to explore the application of anti-adipocyte-specific adhesion molecule in this field, aims to further reveal the CPB leading to lung injury mechanism in order to facilitate to take appropriate prevention and treatment measures.100 years ago, scientists have recognized leukocyte exudation is the first combination with endothelial cells from the intravascular into the inflamed tissue, but in-depth study on the molecular level began in the last 20 years. Cells, endothelial cells, platelet surface of the cell adhesion molecule changes during CPB in the white blood cells of holding the ACAM involved in leukocyte endothelial cell interaction in the lungs, mainly in the following three kinds: selectins, integrins, immunoglobulin superfamily family.
The integration of cable is a transmembrane protein, ligand binding, its signal is transferred to the intracellular Heterologous integrin family of adipocyte-specific adhesion molecule are composed of only B two chain by non-covalently linked dimer, the B chain is composed of identify the point of the binding of ligands. Divided into eight groups based on the difference of the B chain. Integrins are an important part of the cell adhesion receptor,.Number of cells in both the distribution of the leukocyte surface in a variety of integrated cable. When white blood cells by the prime reversible adhesion to endothelial cells, and the rolling of the surface,the integrin could play a role in regulating some of the features of the white blood cells, such as firm adhesion of endothelial cells into the tissue degranulation and phagocytosis.
The role of adipocyte-specific adhesion molecule in the CPB acute lung injury more and more researchers' attention, plays an important role in the early stages of acute lung injury also been confirmed in many trials, and thus antagonize adhesion prevention and treatment of acute lung injury in CPB provides a new way.Selectin to work early in the adhesion. Selectin antagonist, a cable monoclonal antibody, another anti selectin ligand analogs. Former anti-P selectin, anti-E-selectin and anti-L. Selectin monoclonal antibody, there are anti-E-selectin and L-selectin antibody EL-246, Demetzis that the EL-246 with.Better lung protection. Select ligand analogues, such as sulfated Lewis oligosaccharides, sialyl Lewis oligosaccharides by combined white blood cell surface c-type lectin domain to block the ligand binding site, thus inhibiting the adhesion of leukocytes and endothelial cells. Lung protective effect of this substance have been many animal experiments confirmed tame. Levine et al. Selectin ligand analogs compared with anti-selectin monoclonal antibody with better lung protection.
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Adipocyte-specific adhesion molecule and cardiopulmonary bypass lung injury
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