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 Middle-aged women often drink or conducive to the health care

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Middle-aged women often drink or conducive to the health care Empty
PostSubject: Middle-aged women often drink or conducive to the health care   Middle-aged women often drink or conducive to the health care Icon_minitimeMon Jun 25, 2012 10:32 pm

A few studies on alcohol and health. Harvard University School of Public Health to a new study shows that middle-aged KISS1R women often drink or conducive to health, can reduce the risk of old age suffering from heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other illnesses. Association Harvard University School of Public Health reference started in 1976, the U.S. Nurses' Health Study data to collect about 14 000 female nurses drinking habits and health information from their KIT middle-aged follow-up to more than 70 years, the majority of the survey follow-up time 16 years. The results showed that, compared to alcohol or drinking any alcohol survey, people often drink to age 70, better health status. Drinking for research associated with the health of old age, the researchers analyzed the survey 58 years of age, drinking status, alcohol intake is accurate to the Kitl gram instead of alcohol (8 g). 10 g is usually a glass of wine alcoholic, alcoholic bottle of beer, 13 g. The data show that compared with abstainers, middle-aged women that regular intake of 15-30 grams of alcohol, healthy living to the age of 70, 28% higher chance; regular intake of 5 grams to 15 grams of alcohol, healthy chance 20% higher. The so-called "live healthy" means not suffering from Kitlg cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, memory problems or other body discomfort of chronic diseases. Average intake The researchers also found that, compared to alcohol once or twice a week, drinking 5-7 times a week better health than abstainers live to the age of 70 the chance is 50% higher. From the latest issue of Public Library of Science - Medicine "magazine published study reported that:" the data show that KL moderate alcohol consumption, women over 50 years of age regularly for help more than 70 years of age to maintain a healthy ... even a modest alcohol intake, we also highly recommend everyone leveling drink, rather than save the weekend swig. Study, the daily alcohol intake over 45 g was designated as "alcohol abuse". Survey, 98.1 percent below this standard.

The research report, wrote: "The United States Department of Agriculture 2010 Dietary Guidelines 'moderate intake of alcohol' as the female up to once a day, males up to twice daily. Our study supports this recommended amount." Lifestyle But the researchers stressed that the study is not to say that alcohol is beneficial to humans, but that the role of a healthy lifestyle on health. University of Queensland, Australia assistant Jayne Luke said: "women often drink usually have several other features, such as positive social, health, diet, their own good health, these factors combined to achieve the so-called elderly live healthy." One of the study of Sun Qi (phonetic) said: "teetotaler, we do not recommend for healthy living and drinking, because studies have shown that, for the elderly, exercise regularly and maintain appropriate body mass index and health links more closely. " Previous studies have shown that if women develop healthy eating habits, not smoking, maintaining a normal body weight, life satisfaction, then the risk of heart disease would be much lower.
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Middle-aged women often drink or conducive to the health care
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