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 The study pointed out that children suffering from sore throat is often the abuse of antibiotics

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The study pointed out that children suffering from sore throat is often the abuse of antibiotics Empty
PostSubject: The study pointed out that children suffering from sore throat is often the abuse of antibiotics   The study pointed out that children suffering from sore throat is often the abuse of antibiotics Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 10:23 pm

According to a Belgian study the proposed European Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (ESPID) 30th Annual Meeting: Although KRT14 antibiotic treatment for children's sore throat has introduced a series of stringent policies, emergency physicians still often issued by the antibiotic treatment, especially in children younger than 5 years or prescribe medicine doctor is a doctor on duty.With the antibiotic resistance situation is increasingly serious all over the KRT18 world have introduced various policies to curb (so), while Belgium is no exception, Brussels, Belgium University Hospital emergency department doctor, author of the paper Inge, Roggen the case said."(Medication) guidelines of each country are different, but in Belgium, our policy: if children just a sore throat, but good health and no other complications, we are not given antibiotic treatment." She ( Inge, Roggen) said.Roggen and her team KRT19 conducted a prospective trial in an attempt to write the compliance (medication) guidelines. Between 2009-2010 in the emergency room diagnosis of sore throat, and age less than 16-year-old patient medical records analysis. Exclude chronic diseases and antibiotic therapy, 33 152 patients, 1345 met the study requirements.This result KRT20 suggests that: children younger than 5 years of age more often given antibiotic treatment (38% and 28%; P = .0006), however, the group of group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus (GAS) infection lower (infection rates were 23% and 41%; P = .0002).

Other differences include such a situation: white children received antibiotic KRT8 therapy and the frequency is lower than other color (respectively 32% and 37% of children; P = .03) and night issued antibiotics more (respectively 39% and 32%; P = .008)."We are shocked by drops found: for every three children have an antibiotic treatment," Dr. Roggen said, "we have some of the writings were studied, but did not find any clinical or medical reasons related to the prescription rate. "The same token, we were shocked to children younger than 5 years of age was significantly more antibiotic treatment, but we all know, younger than 5 years old children with group A streptococcus infection rates than our study group in between the ages of 5-15 years of age children are lower. "According to Belgian law, the emergency room patients requirements are divided into two parts, of which 50% of the local residents of Belgium, 50% for the Dutch; study also found that, with the degree of doctor of Belgium, its issuance of the frequency of prescription of antibiotics doctors study in the Netherlands lower (respectively 23% and 46%; P <.0001)."This is the same token, we were surprised, because the total is well known, the Netherlands and Germany for the application of antibiotics has a very strict policy." Said Dr. Roggen.Hospital antibiotic use monitoring and epidemiology director of the Office of the University of Missouri, Kansas City Dr. Jason G.Newland, said that in addition to Belgium, the ages of 5 to abuse of antibiotics in children a tendency to expand. In the U.S., part of the reason is because of cultural differences and look forward to (the use of antibiotics) more likely to recover."In the U.S., our culture is based on the current situation: you go to a hospital or clinic (doctor) and then hope to be diagnosed or do therapy. For some people, doctors simply inform the patient is viral infection, back home to rest will be good, like this is not enough. ""If the patient has a specific clinical disorder, like to give antibiotic treatment is of course justified; and I do not think so that's the situation in Belgium is unusual." Said Dr. Newlang.Younger than 5-year-old children with sore throat, do not have to group A streptococcal rapid detection. He (Newland, a doctor who specializes in sports) the case mentioned."There are many younger than 5 years old or 3-year-old children with group A streptococci testing done they need to do." Said Dr. Newland, a doctor who specializes in sports."I guess, I imagine this: fast group A streptococcus detection is simple, so when the families of the case put forward, the doctor might say: Oh, let's do a quick test, if the result is positive, I can. In this way, simple and quick to let them go to diagnosis and treatment the next patient. "
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The study pointed out that children suffering from sore throat is often the abuse of antibiotics
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