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 A large number of tea drinkers are at higher risk of prostate cancer

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A large number of tea drinkers are at higher risk of prostate cancer Empty
PostSubject: A large number of tea drinkers are at higher risk of prostate cancer   A large number of tea drinkers are at higher risk of prostate cancer Icon_minitimeTue Jul 03, 2012 10:39 pm

Scotland, a new study found that a large number of tea may have a higher risk of Notch1 prostate cancer. However, the researchers noted that of this study was not designed to find the cause, so they only said a lot of tea and prostate cancer risk, but not necessarily its etiology.University of Glasgow, who led the study of Physiology and Institute of Mental Health Dr. Kashif Shafique told the media: "We do not know the tea itself as a prostate Notch2 cancer risk factors, or tea are generally more healthy and thus more likely to live to prostate cancer of high incidence of Age. "Shafique said:" In the past, most studies suggest that the preventive effect of black tea or green tea and prostate cancer, "he and his colleagues the results of their prospective study published online on June 14 published in Nutrition and Cancer on.The data they use, including the 1970 to 1973 to participate in cross-collaborative NOTCH3 research, age between 21-75 years, 6,016 cases of Scottish men and 37 years of follow-up of these patients. The subjects filled out the questionnaire to reflect their general health status, smoking habits, usually drinking tea, coffee and drinking amount. They also receive a screening.Analyzing the data, the researchers found that the tea and the overall risk of prostate cancer has a significant NOV correlation of statistical significance (P = 0.02, and therefore can not be purely coincidental). The tea is to drink the world's most extensive beverage other than water. The researchers found that tea is the most (more than seven cups, just a quarter of all subjects) the risk of prostate cancer than those who drink tea at least (daily 0 to 3 cups) and 50% higher. Overall, the men of the most tea in the NP study period occurred in 6.4% of prostate cancer, while drinking tea at least by only 4.6%.

The researchers found that tea and low-level or advanced tumors, the incidence of no correlation: high tea intake in men at higher risk of prostate cancer, but has nothing to do with the highly invasive, "the authors write, he has come to The conclusion is: "this basic biological mechanisms also need further research to determine." Shafique said: "We found a large number of tea drinkers less likely to overweight and drinking, but more healthy cholesterol levels, however, adjust these differences in the analysis, we still find that the tea most people suffering from a higher risk of prostate cancer. "Dr Kate Holmes, Head of Research, the Prostate Cancer Charity Association in a statement released Tuesday, said: "Although 6000 people participated in this study, drink tea every day more than seven cups of increased risk of prostate cancer But it did not consider family history, or any other dietary elements in addition to tea, coffee and alcohol intake outside. Therefore, it is unclear whether there are other factors play a greater role in the risk of sound. ""Therefore, we do not want any misunderstanding the results of this study, to the misconception that the right amount of tea as a healthy diet will increase their risk of prostate cancer," she added. Dr Carrie Ruxton, Tea Advisory Group, a nutritionist, the group is funded by the UK Tea Council's health group. On Tuesday, the Telegraph quoted her as saying: "This study does not indicate a causal relationship between tea drinking and cancer risk." Tea is only a marker of some other issues, these problems may be stress or diet the question, "Ruxton said. In the decade before 2010, the incidence of prostate cancer in Scotland rose by 7.4%. This is the most common cancer in Scottish men.
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A large number of tea drinkers are at higher risk of prostate cancer
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