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 Organization of cancer of the disorder is more refractory

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Organization of cancer of the disorder is more refractory Empty
PostSubject: Organization of cancer of the disorder is more refractory   Organization of cancer of the disorder is more refractory Icon_minitimeFri Jul 20, 2012 6:02 am

Comprehensive analysis of laboratory test results of thousands of patients with different types of Nucb2 cancer patients,the medical researchers of the University of Alberta found that the"disorder"of the Organization of cancer more difficult to treat,usually a lower survival rate.Principal investigator Jack Tuszynski that clinicians can use a mathematical model or algorithm to determine how disorders of patients with NUDT1 cancer organizations.Once the doctor got the results,they can know that the anti-cancer treatment can achieve much effect.Some anticancer drugs are effective for a single cancer,while others compared with broad-spectrum anti-cancer drugs.The researchers said the current focus is on how to inhibit the NUDT10 transport system in the cancer.A mathematical model,the doctor can predict an anti-cancer therapy can effectively rescue patients in pain."Said Department of Pharmacy,University of Alberta Arad Cancer Research Center funded by the Alberta Cancer Foundation President Tuszynki:"The mathematical algorithms can replace spent millions in search of better clinical trials of anti-cancer drugs,better to find an alternative NUDT16 therapy

Research carried out by Tusynski,and the results published in PNAS,peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences(PNAS).The research group studied 14 types of cancer including those with NUDT16L1 high survival rates,such as prostate cancer,and those with higher mortality,such as pancreatic cancer.Tuszynski said that each type of cancer has its own unique"subway map".These tumor cells,the traffic signal system looks like a transport hub or subway map so you can measure the number of stations and the number of lines,"Tuszynski said.He has received a joint appointment of the WHO Oncology Department and the Academy of Sciences,Department of Physics."What is surprising is that the more chaotic traffic signal system,cancer chemotherapy,the more stubborn and robust if the cancer has a complex subway map,different points have different branch of this cancer is difficult to eliminated.""The discovery of this research for us to open a window of the cancer treatment and its results are very effective."Alberta Cancer Foundation funded the research,and very excited.Alberta Cancer Foundation's CEO,Myka Osinchuk:Tuszynsk Ph.D in computer Biophysics,so that we can find a more personalized treatment for cancer cells in order to avoid adverse effects on normal cells.We will delighted to hear that recent research discoveries into advances in this area of newly discovered."
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Organization of cancer of the disorder is more refractory
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