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 Transcription factor Lyl-1 play a key role in early T cell progenitor cells is generated

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PostSubject: Transcription factor Lyl-1 play a key role in early T cell progenitor cells is generated   Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:23 am

T cells are a class of very important cells in the thymus,able to coordinate the immune PAK1 response generated by the body of cancer or infection.In a recent study,a research team led by researchers from Baylor College of Medicine found that the transcription factor Lyl-1 is necessary to produce the earliest cells to become T cells.The research results were published online on July 8,2012 in the journal of Nature Immunology.Thesis communications,Baylor College of Medicine Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Center Director Margaret Goodell said,the earliest progenitor PAK2 cells(also called early T cell progenitor cells)are to be identified as the most primitive cells eventually become T cells.If you do not Lyl-1,able to produce only a few of these early T cell progenitor cells(early T lineage progenitor cell).The Goodell Laboratory PAK3 postdoctoral students Dr.Fabian Zohren,found the lack of expression of this transcription factor genes of the mice developed T-cell deficiency,in particular,is exceptionally low number of these early progenitor cells.

Goodell said,"This suggests that these early T PAK4 cell progenitors produce is really dependent on Lyl-1.We believe that the Lyl-1 control that allows these to important progenitor cell survival and proliferation of the procedures."This finding may also help people understand a type of leukemia,acute T lymphoblastic leukemia(T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia).The researchers found that this type of PAK6 disease,the cancer similar to leukemia worst prognosis of these early T cell progenitors.In addition,these cells also have high levels of Lyl-1.One possible explanation is that people with this type of T cell leukemia patients in vivo T-cell progenitor cells continue to express the Lyl-1,and thus continue to proliferate.Excess in the early T cell progenitor cells,Lyl-1 can prevent the differentiation of early T cell progenitor cells to the activity of T cells.Goodell said that in the future,he would like to test this hypothesis.
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Transcription factor Lyl-1 play a key role in early T cell progenitor cells is generated
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