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 Kidney disease and the Solutions

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Constanza Monckeberg

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PostSubject: Kidney disease and the Solutions   Kidney disease and the Solutions Icon_minitimeWed Aug 18, 2010 10:30 pm

- People with high blood preasure (hypertension).
- people who can inherite the kidneys disease .
- People with diabetes.
- Any accident or infection can damage sevearly the kidney, but this is more rare.
2) You can prevent kidney diseases by exercicing regularly, have a balance diet and drinking lots of water so that the blood preasure doesnt qet to high. Also people should check regularly go to the doctor (once a year).
3) If I had a kidney disease, I would prefer to have the dialysis treatment because it is much safer than the transplant, because it is cheaper, because your body could kill the new kidney if you dont drink the appropiate medicine and that could be very dangerous, and also the chances of getting a kidney for your tipe of blood and body are very low and you could die wating but in the dialysis you can remain with your own kidney; it is much more personal and you dont need to be drinking drugs.
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PostSubject: Kidney Disease and the Solutions   Kidney disease and the Solutions Icon_minitimeMon Aug 23, 2010 8:52 pm

1) What type of people are most likely to suffer from kidney disease?
People who suffer long term chronic diseases like high blood pressure (also know as hipertension) and diabetes. Also people who have a family history of these diseases are more vulnerable to have kidney disease.

2) How can kidney disease best be prevented?
People should regularly be checking their blood pressure and cholesterol. Also, practising exercise and maintaining a balanced meal helps to prevent this disease.

3) If you were suffering from Kidney disease, which form of treatment would you prefer to have; Kidney Dialysis or a Kidney transplant? Explain clearly why.
Personally, I would choose transplant, because, even though it might be more risky, the dialysis involves constant medical checkups and procedures, therefore less freedom to live a normal life. The transplant on the long term, is also cheaper.
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Kidney disease and the Solutions
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