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 Seed Dispersal

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francisco grgurina

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PostSubject: Re: Seed Dispersal   Mon Oct 18, 2010 8:24 pm

Seed dispersal in fruits, most commonly by animals, but also wind or water.
Plants, being stationary, require a mobile mode for seed dispersal. Modes for seed dispersal include self-projectile mechanisms, wind, water, and animals. Dispersal by animals falls into the category of plant-animal interactions, a subject of interest because of the reciprocal adaptations that can be observed. These reciprocal adaptations lead to coevolution, or change in organisms as a result of their interactions with each other.

Animal dispersal - This is the most common dispersal in fruits. Fruits of many plants are dispersed after passing through the digestive system of animals that have eaten the fleshy fruits.
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domi perramont

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PostSubject: Seed sipersion of a Lotus   Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:21 pm

There are various ways of dispersion of seeds. Some of them can be by:
a) Wind:one of the most primitive ways of dispersion. The seeds may either float with the breeze or flutter to the ground. Some examples of this type of dispersion can be the Dandelion and Maple seeds.
b) Water:seeds that get dispersed this way can usually float. They are carried by water through a very long distance depending on the way the water acts.
c) Explosive mechanism: its when seeds are ejected from the fruits because of the elastic contractions of the fruit tissues.
d) Animals: Animals can disperse seeds either by eating them and then ejecting them to the ground (that why this fruits are very fleshy) or by carrying them (seeds attach to them)

Dispersion of the LOTUS seeds

- The Lotus is a plant that is native to North America. There are lots of types like the white lotus, blue, lotus, pale-yellow lotus, pink lotus, etc..
- They float in ponds because of their leaves
- The fruit is a conical shaped pod that is filled with (about 20) seeds, each of them in their own hole
- Dispersion happens once the seeds ripen and the start to come loose, then the fruit tips down and the seeds fall into the water and get carried away

PS: couldn't upload image sorry:(

Dominique Perramont 1B
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Seed Dispersal
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